Yuyuantan Park

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Yuyuantan Park

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Address: Xisanhuan Road (Xisanhuan Lu), Haidian District, Beijing

Yuyuantan Park, totaling 137 hectares (338.5 acres), is located on Xisanhuan Road (Xisanhuan Lu), in Haidian District. The park boasts extensive waters and beautiful gardens. Half the footprint is occupied by four lakes: the East and West lakes, the gourd-shaped Bayi Lake and Yinshui Lake. As early as the Liao Dynasty (916-1125), this area had become an imperial fishing spot. The northwest Cherry Blossom Garden, Yinshui Lake Scenic Area in the northeast, Zhongshan Isle in the south and the southeast Liuchun (Keeping Spring) Garden are the main scenic spots.

As its name suggests, the Cherry Blossom Garden is noted for its fascinating cherry blossoms. Today, with thousands of cherry trees sent from Japan and other parts of China, the garden is one of the largest in northern China. Every year, the Cherry Blossom Festival is held from March to April, drawing thousands of visitors. A waterside pavilion offers visitors a place to relax in the Chinese way: chatting while having a cup of tea and listening to birdsong.

Admission: CNY 2 (CNY 10 during the Cherry Blossom Festival)
Opening hours: 06:30-19:00 December 1-March 31; 06:00-20:30 April 1-May 31, September1-November 30; 06:00-21:30 June 1-August 31
Bus Route: 323, 368, 374, 394 to Yuyuantan Ximen; 114, 717 to Yuyuantan Dongmen; 32, 414, 617 to Yuyuantan Nanmen; 320, 717, 727, 827, Te 5 (ÌØ5) to Muxidi; 1, 4, 40, 52, 68, 212, 337, 613, 728 to Gongzhufen, and then you could walk to the Yuyuantan Park.

Capital Museum
At a cost of 1.23 billion yuan (US$147 million), the new Capital Museum can accommodate 2,000 visitors daily. With a floor area of more than 60,000 square meters, Capital Museum is second only to the National Museum of China in terms of size.

China Millennium Monument
The China Millennium Monument sits on the extension line of Beijing West Chang'an Avenue, and consists of the main sundial structure, the Bronze Corridor, the Flame Square, the Centennial Hall, the Art Pavilion, etc. It was constructed to welcome the new millennium--the 21st century.

Shops are dotted at west gate, east gate, east and west docks of the Lake, south gate, and Liuchunyuan Garden. During the Cherry Blossom Festival, many temporary shops will be put up to cater for the tourists. It is well-worth mentioned that in the Cherry Blossom Garden shops, the newly-produced goods made of cherry blossoms are pretty popular and enjoyable.

Boating services:
Boating services begin from the mid-March to the end of November, with different prices for festivals and the rest days. Turn in the boats where they are rented. The three docks have different types of boats for tourists to choose.

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