Eighteen Ponds

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Eighteen Ponds

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Address: Anjiazhuang Village, Wangping Town, Mentougou District, Beijing Telephone: 8610-61833366/61833199

Eighteen Ponds lie within the borders of Anjiazhuang of Wangping Town in Mentougou District, and features deep valley, unique stones, special streams and uncommon flowers as one of rare natural scenic spots in North China.

The pools group is backed by the Qingshuijian which is one of top 4 peaks in Beijing. There are roaring streams along peaks over peaks, waterfalls down from each cliff, ravines forming pools in the valley, forming a famous the natural landscape of "three-waterfall, six-scene and Eighteen Ponds" with distinct seasons. While, another scenery is revealed at the mouth of the valley: two door-like mountains overlooking the valley, zigzagging peaks, peculiar cliffs and stones, flying spring hitting against cliffs. There are also a great amount of birds, animals and flowers.

Admission: RMB 20 Yuan
How to arrive there: 1. Take Bus 929 Branch (200m west out from Pingguoyuan Subway Station), and get off at Eighteen Ponds in western Beijing. 2. Take Train 815 at Yongdingmen and get off at the site (of 34 km away). 3. Drive along the National Road 109 at Lianshi Road or Fushi Road for 52km and arrive at the Eighteen Ponds in western Beijing.

Nearby attractions:

Miaofeng Mountain
Miaofeng Mountain lies in Mentougou District, about 50 km to the west of the center of Beijing. Miaofeng Mountain covers an area of 20 km2, famous for its historic temple, old pine trees and rocks of strange shapes. With the change of seasons, tourists can enjoy different views of the mountain, the sunrise, the sunset glow, the misty trees and the mountain fair. In addition, there is a vast rose garden, entitled with “The best rose garden in north China” and a traditional Temple Fair, entitled with “The largest temple fair in the north China”. All of the above activities contribute to the profound culture base of Miaofeng Mountain.

Shibatan (Eighteen Ponds) is scattered along the Yongding River, to the south of 109 National Highway. This natural landscape is only about 50 km away from the center of Beijing and is easy to reach with convenient transportation and clear road signs.

Two tradition activities are very popular and attract many tourists very year. One is “Mulberry Picking Festival” and the other is “Red leaves Scenery Festival”. The “Mulberry Picking Festival” lasts through every June and July, where tourists can taste mulberries and watch the lane of birds and fishes. The “Red leaves Scenery Festival” begins from September 15 and lasts till the end of November, where tourists can enjoy the wonderful and splendid view of red autumn leaves.

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