Lianquanxianggu Natural Scenic

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Lianquanxianggu Natural Scenic

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Address: North of Badaohe Village, Yanqi Town, Huairou District, Beijing Telephone: 8610-61611740 How to arrive there: Take Bus 916 at Dongzhimen and get off at Huairou County, and then transfer to a special bus toward Qixiacha; Advance reservation is needed for a team.

Lianquanxianggu Natural Scenic Spot is located at the foot of the Great Wall in the northwestern Huairou District, in front of Heituo Mountain, and 80km away from Beijing. There are waterfalls pouring down from the Heaven and springs babbling along the valley, where sounds of waterfall and springs echo each other, that is why it is called the "Lianquanxianggu" (waterfall & echoic valley). The Lianquanxianggu boasts verdant hills and green water, perilous peak and ravine, joyous spring and flying waterfall, heavy forests and remote caves, unique mountains and rocks, as well as 3¡æ-5¡æ lower temperature than that in downtown. It has such main landscapes as Thien Cung Cave, Maotou Hill, three-pool and two-waterfall, reed and valley of loneness, glacier in May, turtle of longevity, primitive second forest, etc.

Also, some service facilities are provided, inclusive of quadrangle dwellings, Mongolian yurts, small wood houses, restaurants, stores, hot spring hotels and karaoke bars. Tourists can enjoy flowers and grasses on mountains in spring, natural landscapes in summer, red leaves in autumn and natural ice waterfall in winter. Meanwhile, they can fish red trout, go for a picnic, have a barbecue, and hold a bonfire evening.

Admission: RMB 15 Yuan for adults, half price for students
Best time for sightseeing: Summer

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Lianquanxianggu (Spring Valley) features Siheyuan (old Beijing courtyard), Menggubao (Mongolian Yurt), cottages, dining halls, shops, spring baths and KTV. In spring, tourists can smell the wild flowers and weeds; in summer, tourists can play in the ponds, fish red trout in the water, barbecue and have campfire evening; in Autumn, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of red leaves; in Winter, tourists can see the natural ice sculptures.

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