Qingliang Valley

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Qingliang Valley

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Address: Shicheng Town, Miyun County, Beijing How to get there: 980 from Dongzhimenwai, get off at Miyun Gulou (Miyun Drum Tower), and then take a small bus to the Qingliang Valley

Situated in Shicheng Town, Miyun County, the Qingliang Valley is about 110 kilometers (68 miles) from Beijing. Characterized by dense pools and spectacular waterfalls, this area has rich resource of water. The valley lies to the north of the Yunmengshan Natural Forest Park, and such superb geographical advantage makes it an ideal destination as a summer resort. Baihe River runs across this area throughout the year, adding vigor and vitality to the Qingliang Valley.

Here the green mountains, the clear waters and pools, the luxuriant woods, the countless stunning peaks and stones complement each other perfectly. The mountains are covered by vast stretches of Chinese pines. Set off by blue sky and white clouds, this scenic area is an enchanting painting of nature. In spring, the valley is covered by various flowers in full bloom; the icy water melts and dampens the earth. Relaxing in this area in summer is much enjoyable; in addition, you could take pleasure from picking fruits in autumn and climbing the snow-covered mountain in winter.

The scenic area is characterized by various waterfalls and pools. Whether in rainy days, or during dry seasons, the magnificent waterfalls offer you unusual discoveries. About 5 kilometers from the entrance of the valley lies an imposing Pearl Waterfall. The water rushes down from a high cliff and resembles a charming curtain of pearls. A glimpse into a distinctive cave behind the Pearl Waterfall will impress you deeply.

The mountains command a fine view of the pleasant valley, including a grand canyon with high mountains and steep cliffs on both sides. In the canyon, the peaks tower into the sky, while the gullies are deep and awesome. A viewing platform at an elevation of over 700 meters (2,300 feet) gives you spectacular views of this beautiful land.

This scenic area is unique with colorful aquatic sports. On the clear Qingliang Lake, sporting on bamboo rafts, climbing grids, and playing on swings are all very challenging. If you prefer to amuse yourself on land, horse-riding is for you.

Admission: Qingliang Valley CNY 36, Pearl Waterfall CNY 16, Charge free for bamboo rafting, wire-walking, and aquatic grid-climbing
Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

Nearby attractions:

Yougushentan (Silent Valley and Saint Pond), 13 km to the south
The No. 1 Waterfall of Beijing in Huaibei Town of Huairou District, 8 km to the southeast.

To the north of Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pond) in Miyun County of Beijing.
Longtanjian (Dragon Waterfall) Natural Scenic Spot, 5.5 km to the west.

Wuzhuolou Forest Park (Five Building Forest Park) in Liulimiao Town of Huairou District, Beijing, 17 km to the southeast.
18 km to the west of Beihuanhu West Rd, Miyun County of Beijing.

The temperature of Qingliangu (Cool Valley) is 5-6 centigrade lower than the center of Beijing. Never forget to bring some warm clothes.

Never forget to take an umbrella with you because of spring showers and summer rain.

The restaurant of Qingliangu (Cool Valley) can serve 300 persons at one time, if offers local foods, such as Tiebingzi (Corn powder pancake), Xiaomizhou (Millet Porridge), Yumizhou (Corn Porridge), Shanyecai (Wild vegetables), Red Trout, etc.

Qingliangu (Cool Valley) Hotel has more than 80 standard rooms equipped with air-conditioner, TV, bathroom and 24-hour hot water. The entertainment facilities include Sauna Hall, Meeting Room, Shuffle Ball Room, Billiards Room, Ping-pong Room(Table Tennis Room), Badminton Room, and Basketball Hall. Tourists can have evening recreation activities such as KTV, campfire evening get-together, firecracker show, barbecues, etc.

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