The No. 1 Waterfall in Beijing

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The No. 1 Waterfall in Beijing

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Address: Xinchengzi Village, Northeast of Miyun District, Beijing

The No. 1 Waterfall in Beijing is located in the Miyun County in Beijing's suburb. Five big characters of "The No. 1 Waterfall in Beijing" are engraved on the cliff on the left of the Waterfall, which is 62.5m high, 28m higher than "the Waterfall to the Heaven" close to it in the Heilong Pond. The Waterfall Waterfalls throughout the year and its flow rate is about half a cubic meter even in the dry seasons of winter and spring.

The source of the Waterfall is the Liu River, which originates from the Yunmeng Mountain in the Huairou County, converges all mountain springs and creeks in the course of flowing along the east foot of the Yunmeng Mountain and washes out and creates a series of natural sights along the way, for example the "Connected Six Ponds", the "Jade-Splashing Waterfall", the "Waterfall Hung in the Air" and the "Nostalgic Pond", which are all the "masterpieces" of the Liu River. The No. 1 Waterfall in Beijing is the last sight of the Liu River before it merges into the Bai River. The dark green and transparent pond water is smashed by the Waterfall like flying pearls and splashed jades and looks like flying dragons and tigers from nearby and fog and smoke from afar. When the sunlight shines into the valley, it presents a ring of light in seven colors, a rainbow on the earth. The roar of water echoes in the vacant valley and the powerful and majestic momentum of the Waterfall has people linger on.

The "Blue Dragon Pond", the name of a pond under the "First Waterfall in Beijing", is 8 m in the deepest. After it's filled to the full, water runs on and into the Bai River, which is one of the water supply sources of the Miyun Reservoir.

High peaks in the scenic spot pierce directly into the sky like huge swords and show different attitudes vividly. The scenic spot is 3 km in length and the drop in elevation is 200 m. Scenes change and different colors are presented when you move and unique ponds connected with each other seem masterpieces of superlative craftsmanship. All tourists hate to leave when they come here.

Admission: 30 RMB
Transportation: 1. take a coach at Dongzhimen to Miyun and transfer to the coach going to the direction of Sihetang and get off at Zhangjiacun; 2. take Train No. 559 at Beijing North Railway Station to Shitanglu Station and take a bus to it; 3. drive along the Beijing-Miyun Highway to Miyun Reservoir, turn northwest, proceed for 13 km and you will arrive at it.

Nearby Attractions:

Qingliangu (Cool Valley) Hotel, 5 km to the northwest
Sihetang in Miyun County, Beijing.

Longyun Mountain Natural Scenic Spot, 6 km to the northwest
Duisilu in Miyun County, Beijing.

Jinglinggu Natural Scenic Spot (Fairy Valley Natural Scenic Spot), 0.5 km to the north.
Zhangjiafen of Shicheng Town in Miyun County of Beijing.

Yunmeng Gorge, 7.5 km to the south
Shuibaozi Village of Shicheng Town in Miyun County, Beijing.

Tianxianpu (Fairy Waterfall), 4.5 km to the west
Miyun County, Beijing.

Wuzhuolou Forest Park (Five Building Forest Park), 9.5 km to the south
18 km to the west of Beihuanhu West Rd, Miyun County in Beijing.

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