Longtanjian Natural Scenic Spot

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Longtanjian Natural Scenic Spot

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Address: Dongyu Village, Liulimiao County, Huairou District, Beijing Telephone: 8610-61618140

Huairou is likened as the back yard of Beijing. The annual Spring Outing Festival starting April 10 is held at the Longtanjian Natural Scenic Spot in the back yard. The famous"Beijing Yarlong Zangbo Canyon" is in the area. The most dangerous mountain road in Beijing is also within the scenic spot area. Spring is the best season for Longtanjian. The month-long festival holds contests such as photograph, mountain-climbing and tree planting, etc. Bonfire and picnic are allowed in the scene by the side of the log cabins. Other entertainment items include the karaoke in the open air and enjoying the farmer"s family food.

How to arrive there: There is a No.6 tourism bus destined for Longtanjian at Xuanwumen Church on Saturday and Sunday. Take Bus 936 to Bozhazi Station and then transfer to a mini-bus that will take you there in 10 minutes.

Qingliang Valley
Situated in Shicheng Town, Miyun County, the Qingliang Valley is about 110 kilometers (68 miles) from Beijing. Characterized by dense pools and spectacular waterfalls, this area has rich resource of water. The valley lies to the north of the Yunmengshan Natural Forest Park, and such superb geographical advantage makes it an ideal destination as a summer resort.

Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park
Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park covers a land of 2208 acres in the western part of the Miyun, with the main peak being1414 meters high. The forest is exuberant, the plants are luxuriant, and the wild animals and plants are abundant.

Wutong Mountain Range
Wutong Mountain Range is about 70 km to the center of Beijing with an area of 16 km2 . Wutong Mountain Range is famous for its beautiful range and naturally-shaped rocks, such as “Penguin Peak”, “Armchair Rock”, “Crouching Turtle Rock ”, “Elephant Cliff”, etc. Streams run through the rocks, forming waterfalls and flying down like silver necklaces. In winter, the waterfalls will be frozen into ice and hang under the rocks like crystal.

As the best river drifting of north Beijing, Longtanjian Drifting covers a length of ten km of a natural river. The river winds its way through the valley, flowing rapidly down the leaks of rocks and green plants. Different from the way of drifting in south China, each draft holds only two tourists and they can drift on their own control through the stormy waves and streams. Tourists can get relaxation and challenge their braveness through drifting.

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