Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone

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Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone

Postby inbeijing » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:42 pm

Address: linden tree in Huairou District of Beijing North Village Telephone: 8610-61622358/61622569

Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone is located at the north of Duanshuling Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou. It lies to the southern foot of the Yunmeng Mountain, 75 kilometers from downtown Beijing. The zone has a total area of about six square kilome ters.

There was a Dragon King"s Temple at the site be fore 1949. It is said that in drought years, local farm ers carried pigs and sheep to the temple to pray for rains. In one drought year, Dragon King ordered Thunder God and Lightening Goddess to set up clouds over the area to rain. The thunder-split-stone is said to be cut by the sword when Thunder God battled with the Drought Evil.

The Feipu Pool or the Flying Waterfall Pool is never to be the end of the valley. On the other side of the pool, there is a stone stairway leading to the top of the mountain. On the rock, there carved with two Chinese characters of Heavenly Ladder. Climb ing onto the top of the mountain with the Heavenly Ladder, one may find there is another mountain, heaven, waterfall and pool prior to the mountain. The Shentan Waterfall rushes from a dozen of meters, creating a clear water pond.

Nearby Attractions:

Ziyun Mountain Natural Scenic Spot, 2 km to the south
Duanshuling Village of Huaibei Town in Huairou District of Beijing.

Wutong Mountain Range, 7.5 km to the north
Wutongling Village in Liulimiao Town of Huairou District of Beijing.

Qinglongxia (Black Dragon Gorge), 8.5 km to the south
Huaibei Town of Huairou District in Beijing

Beijing Tianchi Valley, 1.5 km to the north
Huangtuliang Village of Duanshuliang Town in Huairou District of Beijing.

Lianquanxianggu (Spring Valley), 9.5 km to the southwest.
No. 68 of Badaohe Town in Huairou District of Beijing.

Shentangyu Natural Scenic Spot, 10 km to the southwest
Fangezhuang in Huairou District of Beijing.

The service facilities are located at the residential area of the zone. There are comfortable guest rooms, log cabins where one may enjoy roasted games and fishing.

How to arrive there: Yougushentan Huairou District in the northeast 25 km south of the Yunmengshan, 75 km from the capital, the entire process from 101 and 111 National Road Road linked the two countries, a mere 916 Beijing tourists public road vehicles to Huairou on Beijing to the vehicle or to the public HSBC Automotive Direct Yougushendan Station, but also from Dongzhimen bus station 936 to reach Yougushendan Station.

The change of seasons in Yougushentan (Silent Valley with Fairy Pond) is about 20 days slower than that of Beijing City. Therefore, the flowers of wild trees like apricot, peach, pear, magnolia and lily will not blossom until the end of April. And at the beginning of May, the blossoms of rhododendron will cover the mountains like a carpet. The seasonal tourism activities include “Tree Planting Festival in April”, “Walking through the Valley Game from July to September” and “Fruits Picking Festival in October”.

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Re: Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone

Postby Bienk » Thu Sep 22, 2016 7:34 pm

Having things arranged in all manners we can get to keep activities which are pretty certain and keeping things in a manner and the way everything would be working for us and a lot we get to discover in this part.
As a traveler its a lot of fun getting into things like which is the best part for me.

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Re: Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone

Postby haven » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:26 pm

Must try to go there when ever I will get some holidays from my daily life because now after seeing these images I feel that all of its locations bets for exploring and has such a really attractive natural beauty here. I hope so mnay of the things we can do here with our families or friends. I will come here with my five friends.

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Re: Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone

Postby Anwen » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:48 pm

haven! It's really great to see your views about the Young Shenton Natural Scene Zone. It looks so much great nd like you I am so interested to explore out this because nature beauty also attracts me a lot, so surely I will explore out this soon for sure.

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Re: Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone

Postby Miles » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:16 pm

I am going to say that the one member shared beautiful images here. after seeing shared images, I assume that it is a really nice place for exploring. all the other members also shared nice sort of stuff about this place. I also really like the nature places. Os I must try to explore this place through

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Re: Yougu Shentan Natural Scene Zone

Postby Marvelous » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:23 pm

Like the way you all have been shared information about the place. I am quite happy to see this and i am so much sure that experiencing this one out would be just so much cool and i am gonna be have a lot of the incredible time at there as well.

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