The Great Canyon in East Beijing

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The Great Canyon in East Beijing

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Address: Yuzishan Village, Shandongzhuang County, Pinggu District, Beijing Telephone: 8610-60968317

The Great Canyon in East Beijing, located north of Yuzishan Village, is composed of two scenic areas: the grand canyon and Jingtai Mountain. The scenic area is adjacent to Panshan Mountain in the south, and to the Jingdong Cave, Jinhai Lake, Huangyaguan Great Wall, the Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty and Wuling Mountain in the east, and is about 82 kilometers from downtown Beijing. Since its opening in 1992, many visitors have flocked to the area and it is a well-known scenic area in Beijing and Tianjin.The canyon, about three kilometers long, boasts of dozens of natural sceneries and landscapes, such as green mountain and crystal water, caves and ponds, waterfalls and springs.


In the sunny spring time, flowers are everywhere on the mountains; in summer, all mountains become green, mountain springs gush and flow, and visitors here would feel cool away from the suffocating summer heat; in autumn, all trees on the mountain turn red and golden, and visitors have the chance to harvest ripe fruits; and in winter, the mountains are covered with snow and ice, and the waterfalls become icy, producing a polar scenery.The scenic area has more than 60 tourist attractions. It has two special scenic areas: the Jingtaishan Forest Scenic Area and the Canyon Scenic Area. At the bottom of the canyon, there are five deep ponds connected by brooks, six tourist function zones namely canyon expedition zone, mountain-top sightseeing zone, water amusement zone, exhibition zone, fruit-picking zone and the leisure.

Admission: RMB 30
How to arrive there:
Bus918 from Dongzhimen 7:30-16:00 30yuan
Bus 14 from Dongdaqiao 7:30-16:00 40yuan
Bus 111 from Chongwenmen 7:30-16:00 40yuan

The Big Cave in East Beijing
The Big Cave in East Beijing lies in the east of Heidouyu Village in Pinggu District of Beijing, about 90 km away from the center of Beijing. The formation of the cave dates back to Mesoproterozoic, about 1.5 billion years ago and therefore is named “The Oldest Cave in the World”. The cave contains large amount of stalactites, with some stalagmites like clusters of mushrooms, some like curtains in the wind and some like the seats of Buddha. 

Jinhaihu Lake
Jinhaihu Lake lies in Pinggu District, 15 km away from the center of Pinggu District and 85 km from the center of Beijing. Jinhaihu Lake has a water area of 6.5 km2 and is surrounded by green mountains. It is a city-level natural scenic spot, a city-level historic destination and national AAAA level scenic spot. The spot has more than ten natural and cultural attractions, such as Mid-Lake Tower, Tomb of Jinhua Princess, Wanghaiting Pavilliion and Juchiya Cliff.

Shilinxia (Forest of Rocks)
Shilinxia (Forest of Rocks) lies in Pinggu District, 70 km to the north of the center of Beijing. Shilinxia covers an area of 12 km2, with peaks and rocks like pine trees. Therefore, the park is named Shilinxia, literally meaning Forest of Rocks. The park holds four featured activities, namely walking among the forests of rocks, viewing the waterfall down from the peaks, climbing the peaks and searching for the three treasures of Shilinxia.

The Great Canyon in East Beijing owns a pine tree garden of over 700 hectares, where there are straw cottages, tents and hanging beds for tourists to sleep in. The water world is named Longtanhuba, 30 meters high, 30 meters deep and the skimming dishes are available for tourists to fully enjoy the holiday. The Great Canyon in East Beijing holds a fruit picking festival from July to October every year. Tourists can pick apricots, apples, pears, hawthorns, etc.

The Great Canyon Hotel is about 2 km outside of the canyon, with 120 beds and a dining hall for 250 tourists.

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