Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park

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Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park

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Address: Fengning Road, Miyun district, Beijing Telephone: 8610-61622481 / 61622381

Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park covers a land of 2208 acres in the western part of the Miyun, with the main peak being1414 meters high. The forest is exuberant, the plants are luxuriant, and the wild animals and plants are abundant. The cover rate of the forest is more than 91 percent. The average temperature is 20 to 24 degree centigrade. You can feel cool and comfortable in the park and can appreciate views in every season. It is really a place with more beauty than one can take in.

Yunmeng ("Yun" means being cloudy and "meng" means being misty) was called Yunmeng (here, "Yun" has the same meaning, while "meng" means dream) in ancient time.

It is a sequester place with rummy hills, characterized as being majestic, steep, fantastic, secluded and open. The experts conferred "Mt. Huangshan's miniature" after their on-the-spot investigation. The most striking characteristic which is superior to Mt. Huangshan is its misty clouds and exuberant forests. The wonder of "The Three Seas"(the sea of forests, clouds and flowers) is rare in Beijing district.

Spring Activities: Enjoy and take photos of rhododendron; Plant memorial trees
Admission: CNY 36(for adults);CNY18(for children)
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00 (April-the middle of November)
Bus Route: 916 or 936 (Dongzhimenwai-Huairou Bus Station), then take a small bus to the Yunmengshan National Forest Park; or take a tourist bus from Tiananmen or Xuanwumen to the forest park (available on weekends and Chinese legal holidays from April 7 to October 15)

Qinglongxia (Black Dragon Gorge)
Qinglongxia (Black Dragon Gorge) lies in Huairou District, 20 km from the center of Huairou, 75 km from Sanyuanqiao Bridge. Qinglongxia (Black Dragon Gorge) covers an area of 150 hectares, collecting green mountains, jade waters and old Great Wall. The gorge is over 5,000 meters long and is separated into two parts by a huge reservoir.

Hongluo Temple
Hongluo Temple scenic spot covers an area of 8 square kilometers integrating the natural landscape with manmade features. It consists of two part: two scenic spots and three Buddhist areas.

Yanqi Lake
Located 8 km north of the county seat of Huairou, Yanqi Lake is a beautiful aquatica at the foot of Yanshan Mountain. The Great Wall is to the north of the Lake, and on the south, there lies the boundless North China plain. With limpid water, the Lake has a spacious surface. The air in the tourist zone is refreshing, and the landscape beautiful. In spring and autumn, there are flocks of swans on the Lake and so it is got the name -- Yanqi Lake. Which in Chinese means: Swans dwell on lake.

Tourism activities:

April   Tree Planting Trip
May   Azalea Viewing Trip
June   Forest Spa Trip
July   Forest Spa Trip
August   Cool Summer Trip
September   Fruit Picking Trip
October   Fruit Picking Trip

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