Shentangyu Natural Scenic

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Shentangyu Natural Scenic

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Address: Yanqi County, Huairou district, Beijing Telephone: 8610-89617093

Shentangyu Natural Scenic Area is situated in Huairou County, 65 kilometers northeast of Beijing, and was the first scenic spot in Huairou to open to visitors. It was an important fortress for Beijing during the Ming dynasty, and the section of the Great Wall in this area is relatively well preserved.

You and your older teenagers will find it an ideal place to hike: There are hills to climb, brooks and streams to wade through, and the ruins of the Great Wall to explore. The geographical features of this area have formed gorgeous scenes and inspired romantic names such as Dragon Pool, Love Birds Lake and Crocodile Pond. The Yanxi River runs through this area with its transparently clean water, in which the renowned Huairou County red trout can be spotted swimming.

Shentangyu is also a good place for photography. The ruins of the Great Wall offer beautiful light and shadows depending on the time of day. Large rocks eroded over time create the illusion of animal forms such as eagles, camels and turtles. Locals will sometimes tell stories and legends of how these rocks came to be. One trip to the Shentangyu Natural Scenic Area will supply a day of hiking, photography and historical instruction.

How to get there: Buses 916 or 936 from Dongzhimen to Huairou No.3 Middle School, from there take a mini-bus to Shentangyu; alternately, take the Shentangyu Tourist Bus from Xuanwumen
Opening Hours: Daily 7am-sunset
Cost: RMB 20

Hongluo Temple
Hongluo Temple scenic spot covers an area of 8 square kilometers integrating the natural landscape with manmade features. It consists of two part: two scenic spots and three Buddhist areas.

Yanqi Lake
Located 8 km north of the county seat of Huairou, Yanqi Lake is a beautiful aquatica at the foot of Yanshan Mountain. The Great Wall is to the north of the Lake, and on the south, there lies the boundless North China plain. With limpid water, the Lake has a spacious surface. The air in the tourist zone is refreshing, and the landscape beautiful. In spring and autumn, there are flocks of swans on the Lake and so it is got the name -- Yanqi Lake. Which in Chinese means: Swans dwell on lake.

Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Area
Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Area is surrounded with mountains and is of beautiful scenery. In spring, fragrant flowers are vying with each other in beauty and are blooming; in summer, mountains are covered with green coats and you can listen to music of flowing lake; by autumn, it is fruitful and can see red leaves dancing; by winter, Great Wall is painted of pure white and coated with silver costume, showing a northland scene. It enjoys a reputation of “Mutianyu surpassing others of Great Wall” and is the best scenic spot.






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Site fees

Less than 20 persons: ¥100 RMB; More than 20 persons and less than 30 persons: ¥200 RMB




¥30 RMB/30 Minutes


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¥10 RMB/Fish

Campfire evening

¥500 RMB/Fire

Climbing the old Great Wall



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Open-air swimming pool


Wild Herbs Picking


Beach Volleyball

Cliff Climbing


Letting free the fish

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Tool: ¥5 RMB/tool

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