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Among the massive number of ancient religious sights that have remained to this day are quite a few Buddhist monasteries, Taoist temples and Catholic churches.
The most distinguished one is Yonghegong Lamasery. Located in the northeastern part of the old city of Beijing, Yonghegong is a famous lamasery built in 1694 by Qing Emperor Kangxi for his fourth son, Prince Yongzheng This magnificent temple consists of five main buildings lying on the north-south axis, with annex halls standing on both sides.
Among 120 worth-seeing museums, the National Museum of China is the best place for you to learn Chinese valuable historical and cultural artifacts.
The following is a list of religious places you should pay a visit during your Beijing stay.
The Palace Museum
Chinese Ethnic Museum
Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum
Beijing Baigongfang Handicraft Museum
The Capital Museum
China Geological Museum
China Science and Technology Museum
Beijing Museum of Western Zhou Dynasty Yan Capital Site
Beijing Lu Xun Museum
The China Great Wall Museum
China Honey Bee Museum
Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall
China Printing Museum
Chinese Aviation Museum
China National Museum
The New Culture Movement Memorial Museum
China National Museum of Fine Arts
Memorial Museum of Tunnel Warfare Sites at Jiaozhuanghu Village
Dongyue Temple
Niujie Mosque
Temple of Successive Emperors
Jietai Temple
Dajue Temple
The Temple of Enlightenment
The Confucius Temple and Guozijian
LamaTemple (Yong He Gong)
Confucian Temple
Tanzhe Temple
Temple of Heaven
Hongluo Temple

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