Ritan Park

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Ritan Park

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Telephone: 8610-85622612/85616301; Address: No. 6 Ritan North Road, Chaoyangmenwai, Chaoyang District

Ritan Park was first built in 1530, originally as a place for the emperors of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty to hold ceremonies to worship the god of sun. At first, the altar was a white stone table, with red glaze on its top, representing the sun. When holding the ceremony, every sacrificial utensil must be in red and the emperors must also be in red clothes. Nowadays, its area has quadrupled, with thousands of trees and vast grassland. To the east, there are ancient cypresses. To the west, you will find cherry blossoms. Fountains, rockeries and vinery, all things are reshaped to resemble either the sun, or the spring waters, or the birds and the fish. What a nice place for you to walk in.

Bus 43,403,120,28 to station Fangcaodi
Opening Hours: Summer: 6:00-22:00, Winter: 6.00-21:00
Ticket: Free

Have you ever had the delighted experience of savoring good wine and delicious dishes under the shadows of green trees, beside little bridge and silent streams, with birds singing in deep trees and flowers giving forth fragrance? We can only dream of this in the private gardens of princes and ducks of the past, in the novel of A Dream of Red Mansions. In our crowded and uproarious modern cities, nature is so precious and elusive. However, upon entering the Ritan Inn House, located on the Ritan Road in the east embassy area of Beijing, you suddenly realize that everything you have dreamed of is right in front of you. Sampling tea under a sturdy cypress tree more than one hundred years old, you will feel as if you had come to a fairyland in the world, far away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Everything is too beautiful to be true, like a far-reaching dream. All these incredible enjoyments, together with the delicious dishes and choice seafood, will surely make you can't help but be enticed to softly intone the poem of zhegutian, the masterpiece of LiuYong in Song Dynasty.

Telephone: 8610-65919519/65005883
Address: South-western corner of the Ritan Park, Jianguomenwai
Bus 43,403,120,28 to station Fangcaodi

1. The scenery of Ritan Park is wonderful and the restaurants around it are very good. Xiheyaju at the east gate of the Park and the Ritan Assembly Hall at the south gate are both are worth visiting.

2. You would benefit by reading some material concerning China Ancient Sun Worship before the tour to the Ritan Assembly Hall. This may help you to enjoy the tour more.

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