Longqing Gorge

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Longqing Gorge

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Address: Gucheng Village, Jiuxian Town, Yanqing County, Beijing; Bus 919 to Yanqing County, and then transfer to a mini bus

As a State AAAA Tourist Area, Longqing Gorge is located in the northern part of Yanqing County. It is 80 km away from urban Beijing. With a total length of 7 km, the scenic spot contains a water surface of 30-50 meters wide. On both sides of Longqing Gorge, towering cliffs stand tall with steep and striking mountains and the dam intercepts the mouth of the Longqing Gorge. It is characterized by encircled landscapes and beautiful natural scenic views. As one of the three gorges in suburb Beijing, it has gained the reputation as the "Little Three Gorges" and the "Little Lijiang River".

The Longqing Gorge Mouth is towered by a reinforced concrete hyperbolic-arch dam which is 72 meters high and 90 meters long. There are two north-south tunnels at both ends of the dam. The South Tunnel is about 300 meters long, which reaches straight through beyond the mountains, while the North Tunnel is about 100 meters long, leading to the North Shipway. With a total length of 258 meters, Telron escalators have been built on the steep cliffs, which act as entrance routes into the scenic spot. They are large outdoor fully-closed dragon-shaped escalators. Tourists can take the escalators up to the terminal where tourists may take boats into the deep and secluded valleys inside the Longqing Gorge. The valleys feature beautiful scenery and clear water like mirrors, where tourists feast their eyes with not only cliffs, peaks and steep rocks, but also with many stone cones, stone swords, stone pillars, solution crevices, etc.

The Longqing Gorge boasts not only forceful and spectacular mountains in the north, but also beautiful and charming scenery in the south. It is cool every summer with clean air, and the temperatures are often 6 degrees Celsius lower than that in urban Beijing. It is cold in winter with a long icing period. Since 1987, the Ice Lantern Festival has been celebrated from January to the late February, showcasing the large-scale outdoor open-air ice lanterns in the lowest-latitude area in the world. The Longqing Gorge provides nearly 200 tour boats in different sizes. All boats have catering, accommodation and other kinds of supportive travel service facilities.

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