Ready to Hike this Spring? - Panlongshan Great Wall of Gubeikou

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Ready to Hike this Spring? - Panlongshan Great Wall of Gubeikou

Postby aloha123 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:01 am

Mar 5 8:00 am - 16:30 pm
RMB 130

Generally speaking, Gubeikou is comprised of four sections: Wohushan, Panlongshan, Jinshanling, and Simatai. It is the essence of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. This section is built along the Yan Mountains, and the Chao River, where the town of Gubeikou is, divides it into two distinct parts. It was originally named "Beikou", which literally means "Northern Pass", "Gu" (ancient) was only added by later generations. It protected ancient China from Mongol/Manchu invasion from the north.

It is located in Miyun district, Beijing, about 140 kilometers to the west of downtown Beijing. You will be satisfied with the achievement and the scenery when you get there. Hiking east, you will first reach Jinshanling, then Simatai.

Highlights of this hike include:
1. More interesting historically Great Wall

2. It hasn’t been repaired
3. Meeting up with nice and sweet hikers and feeling of the Spring

Hike Information:

Distance: 10km

Time to complete: 4hours

Total ascent: 397m

Total descent: 360m

Peak: 469m

Lowest point: 197m

Finish height:

Location: Miyun

Drive time: 2.5 hours each way

Number of People: 18


1. The suburbs has an average temperature 2°C lower than downtown Beijing. Please wear warm clothing.

2. This is a Level 1 Hike which requires some basic hiking experience, very little elevation gain, and some simple inclines.

3. Take at least 2 bottles of water in the earlier Spring (a bottle of hot drink is recommended)

4. Bring some lunch, and some snacks for after the hike has finished, because it will take some time to get back to Beijing.

5. Wear comfortable sport shoes (hiking boots are recommended)


Bad weather plan: we will message you 2-3 days before the hike to let you know about the weather condition. If there is a thunderstorm, heavy rain or strong winds it will be dangerous to do the hike in the high mountains. So we will cancel it or change the dates.

Trip cancellation: If it’s less than 14 people attendance before Friday, we will put off the trip until next weekend.


08:00: Departure from Dongzhimen, Raffles shopping mall (line2 exit D)

10:30: Arrive at Panlongshan, beginning of hike

16:30: Arrive back in Beijing

Activity Fee: 130RMB/person

Price includes:


An expert Leader


(You can pay the fee on the bus.)

Note: You need to confirm your place 3 days before the hike.

Join us:

Wechat: Add me as your wechat: mona_zhangli, and let me know how many people will join and please leave your name and your friends name.

After making it sure, I’ll drag you into our hiking group

If you don’t use wechat, you can email me:

Leave your name and contact information

Click the link in below to check the photos of the Great Wall:


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