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Latin Dance training to Children and Adult

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:23 pm
by LatinDance
June, 2017: Latin Dance training

We, Flying Dance training center, are one member of China DanceSport Federation (CDSF), providing bilingual professional Latin dance training ( Rumba, Chacha, Cowboy) to children and adult.

We provide professional level of Latin dance training that is different from Gym.

Children dance (For 4-12 years old) classes: basic level class, CDSF Grade class, Stage performance class.

Adult Latin danceļ¼šBasic level class, continuous improvement class

Class size:
Normal: 6-8 person; bilingual in English and Chinese,
VIP: 2 person; bilingual in English and Chinese,
VIP: 1 person, bilingual in English and Chinese,

Contact person: Miss Feng,
Mobile: 138 1058 8752
We chat: 133 311 67702
Address: 1131, Block B, Xin Hua Lian Li Gang Building, No.26, Jiuxianqiao Zhonglu Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing.