Ink and color

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Ink and color

Postby Events » Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:49 am

For decades, painter Yang Ermin has devoted himself to using Chinese ink and the vibrant colors from Western oil painting. He depicts still lives with material used in traditional Chinese painting to present his own style that combines ink, water-color and oil paintings. His solo show displays two tiny sculptures and 53 artworks featuring still lifes, figures and landscapes. Yang is also a poet, which injects a kind of serenity into his pictures. Fruits, colorful flowers, sleeping women and houses in mist come together in a tranquil world of ink and color.

11 am-8 pm, until Dec 14. Manet Gallery, 6 Xingshikou Lu (Road), Haidian district, Beijing. 010-8846-9888.

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