Chinese Lanterns, wooden boxes and Candle


Chinese Lanterns, wooden boxes and Candle

Postby Lotusqi » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:06 am

Dear Beijingers!

After 10 years in this wonderful yet challenging city, it is time for us to pack up our bags and set off to a new adventure. In these 10 years we have accumulated a lot of things and need to (with a heavy heart) sell and donate a lot of our possessions. Because we are pressed for time we are going to sell all items for 60-90% off their original price. This is a great opportunity to get amazing deals for students, expats and foreigners in need of anything from clothes, books, household items to stylish Chinese furniture and art. If you have a good cause or know someone who is in dire need for clothes etc. we would be willing to donate some things as well. All the things that are not sold by the end of September will be donated to the Charity Organization “Roundabout”. So hurry to get these great deals!
We live a bit further from the center of the city and would be willing to hire a moving truck to transport big things and furniture to your house. Cost can be negotiated or shared.

1. Wooden Jewelry Boxes (3) (1 hinge is loose but can be fixed)
2. Wooden Penholder with 三字经 engraved on it (1)
3. Chinese Style Candle (1) (back corner slightly damaged but barely visible)
4. Chinese Style Fan (1)
5. Colourful Lanterns covered in cloth (9) (Bought for 25rmb each)
Selling for 100rmb. (Can not be sold separately)

If you have any questions regarding the items being sold, don’t hesitate to contact us under 13910031712 or

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