Used ipad 2 from the U.S with VPN

Alexis Monroe

Used ipad 2 from the U.S with VPN

Postby Alexis Monroe » Tue May 05, 2015 8:57 am

Hello Beijingers!!

I'm selling my used iPad 2. It's about time for me to upgrade to a MacBook.

I've had this ipad for a little over a year. It's fast, and easy to use! It was a Christmas gift for me from my mom. She bought it brand new in the United States from the Apple Store.

I bought a years vpn on it and there is still 3 months left. You simply have to just turn it on and you can access instagram, facebook, Gmail, Netflix and basically any site you want! You will have to purchase a new vpn at the end of july 30.

This great, easy to use Apple iPad can be yours for just 2200.

Wechat sixela2014 if you are interested! Please serious inquires only

Thank you!!

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