Homestay In Chinese Local Family


Homestay In Chinese Local Family

Postby robinenglish » Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:49 am

HOmestay program is a high-energy and really fun thing. Find out first-hand how a Chinese family lives day-to-day, sometimes there are opportunities to take part in family activities and to meet extended family. Plus, they can show you landmarks and the hidden gems of china.

Take part in our feature homestay-language partner program, you can have:

Option 1: Home Tutor
Tutor a host family for 10 hours per week. In return participants are provided with a private room, breakfast & dinner every day.

Option 2: Conversation Friend
Tutor a host family for 5 hours per week. This option is ideal for busy participants who want to enjoy a homestay, but don't have much spare time for tutoring. This option is ideal for working professionals, interns, and students! The only requirement for this program a high proficiency in English (Phone Interview Required).

When you sign up for Homestay you will also receive the following services:
Chinese Visa Assistance
Airport Pick-Up Service (optional)
Post-Arrival Orientation
24/7 Emergency Assistance
Residence Registration assistance at local police station upon arrival.
Access to cultural and social events with our other homestay participants!)

Skype: dannywuu5566

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