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ayi babysitter housekeeping service

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:57 am
by liuling
liuayi, 36 years old, and come from he bei province where is very close to Beijing. She can speak Chinese and fluent English.
She has been a nanny for 15years, and has taken care of 10+babies/kids. from new born baby, to 8years old. The most thing that she likes is to play with the babies. She can cook for the babies, bath for the babies, swim for the babies.and teach the babies/kids singing dancing.and reading,She has worked in Chinese family, Singapore family. American family, Germany family, Norway family,and England family .
she is very good at washing, cleaning, ironing, babysitting, cooking Chinese food and some western food
she can work Monday ,Tuesday,thursday mornings,8:30am. to 12:30a.m..
if you live around chao yang park
if liu ayi is the ayi you are looking for ,please call 15011128747 or wechat her 15011128747