Hello,do you need children picking up and tutor service!


Hello,do you need children picking up and tutor service!

Postby katehere2000 » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:04 am


Are you looking for a girl to take care of your children,pick up them from school,play with them and tutoring them!

I am the best choice for you!


1,I am a university graduate,29,girl,educated,bachelor degree,english major!

2,I have much experience with children,I have been a teacher in a kindergarten and training school to teach children!
I love children,and they like me very much!

3,I also have mandarin teaching experience!

4,I am a good student in school and university,good at many subjects and love to teach,good at teaching!

What I can do for you:

1,Send your children to school and pick up them from school.

2,Play with your children,take care of them.

3,Help them with their schoolworks homework and tutoring and so on!

4,Any other service you want,we may discuss it!

If you are interested in me,please contact me by email!

Email: Katehere2000@gmail.com

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