Excellent Beijing Ayi,nanny, babysitting

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Excellent Beijing Ayi,nanny, babysitting

Postby worryfree » Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:04 am

13693235274,Registered in Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, with independent corporate capacity, Beijing worryfree Domestic Service CO.Ltd is specialized in providing high-end housekeeping and childcare services,
driver service,rental for foreign families in Beijing.
Over these years since our establishment we have provided high -level 
housekeeper,driver and other domestic services for a 
number of families of the working staff in foreign embassies or 
consulates and foreign enterprises in Beijing.
Up to now 80% of our members come from abroad and HK,Macao 
and Taiwan and our Ayi's housekeeping and childcare services have 
won a high reputation among them.

ayi service
Features of Ayi Service
1) We offer reliable and qualified Ayis at any time;
2) Customers are permanent members once membership fees are paid;
3) Guaranteed service of exchanging Ayi with no condition to reach 
member’s requirements;
4) Free interpretation is provided between members and Ayis if it's necessary;
5) Members enjoy discounted rate of Ayi services;
6) Ayis are with strict and well training and meet the standard;
7) On-job training are also available to all Ayis;
8) Background check of Ayis to assure their credibility;
9) Ayis have physical check up each year;
10) Ayis are covered by insurance against personal accidents

If you need a reliable nanny or babysitter, please contact us :

Website: http://www.bjzzbh.com
mobile 13693235274 or 010---53667120
wechat:the same mobile number 13693235274

Email: worryfree611@163.com
Beijing worryfree Domestic Service 

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