Smaller furniture and a lot of FREE things!


Smaller furniture and a lot of FREE things!

Postby SinoCat » Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:24 am

I’m moving away from China on Monday the 28th and I have accumulated quite a few things during my stay here in Beijing that I can’t bring home with me (se list below). Since I have to get rid of these things in one way or another I'm not going to ask a specific price for them. If there's anything you'd like just give me an offer on what you think you can/want to pay and I'm sure we'll work something out. :)

Wardrobe (white)

Sofa table (white)

Small table (white)

Floor lamp

On top of this I also have some cooking ware, things for cleaning, some long lasting unopened food (can goods, pasta etc.) and a table size water dispenser that I'd be happy to give away to whoever needs them.

If you're interested in anything just email me or send me a text. Since I'm leaving on Monday you'd have to come pick the things up this weekend. I live close to dongzhimen.

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