Moving Sale - Furniture & Electronics


Moving Sale - Furniture & Electronics

Postby laurieschiller » Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:03 am

These items are available for pick-up at China Agricultural University East Campus in June. Some items may be available earlier; just ask! See pictures and prices at

Electrolux oven - 4,000 RMB
China cabinet - 2,500 RMB
Chinese altar table - 2,000 RMB
dressers - 600 RMB for a set of three
electric bike - 1,500 RMB
Dyson vacuum cleaner - 1,500 RMB
air filters - 400 RMB each
bathtub - 300 RMB
living room rug - 300 RMB
table lamps - price varies
sewing machine - 300 RMB
space heater - 150 RMB
crock pot - 100 RMB
bread maker - 150 RMB
hand mixer - 400 RMB
hot plate - 50 RMB
Bosch drill - 150 RMB

If you have any questions or would like to see something in person, please e-mail me at

If you think my asking price is too high, but you aren't interested in buying, please keep your opinions to yourself. If you think my asking price is too high, and you would like to buy something, please e-mail me ( with an offer.

We are planning to have an open house in late June where we will sell smaller items such as dishes and bakeware, pots and pans, children's toys, cleaning supplies, picture frames and other home decor, craft supplies, office supplies, sports equipment, baskets and boxes, books, and more! If you would like to receive information about this upcoming open house, e-mail me (, and I will let you know when we decide on a date and time.


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