i am teacher/home designer

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i am teacher/home designer

Postby wolfwagner001 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:14 am

Dear all
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to message you all about my new enterprise and to trade in your (our) beautiful town.
My name is John and I am the proprietor of Cut To The Chaise, a brand new venture where I am offering a service to refresh and revitalise any furniture pieces you may have. I can reupholster armchairs, sofas, chaises and almost any cushioned or soft furniture item. I am trying to make this as ecologically sound as possible, where primarily I am avoiding landfill from refuse of pieces, and reusing where possible all materials, using traditional and contemporary methods. I use the best materials available to ensure that the work is a lasting, permanent feature. Any item that is unloved, unwanted or just generally forgotten about, is valid for rebuild and refurbish, and I will give an estimate for any work or at least advise on best way forward. I have a range of fabrics but can also show pattern books of companies I work with. I can carry out light repair of wooden parts, including arms and legs, and use varnish or stain treatments to complement the fabrics and finishes.
I am a qualified languages teacher who is currently working on a part time commitment but now that I have acquired a unit in the Business Centre, most of my weekdays (and occasional weekends) will be spent in the workshop. My contact details are as follows:
Cut To The Chaise
Unit 202, NO 1788 nanluoguxiang,beijing China
Tel 158-0170-8557(weichat number as well, pls add)
Email - angelafurniture@163.com     Website - www.cathiesofa.com and art deco shanghai shop https://shop127083519.taobao.com and https://www.pinterest.com/scottpalmer035/
I look forward to meeting many of you soon - please pop in for a chat anytime!


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