Scooter sales because moving to Singapore


Scooter sales because moving to Singapore

Postby pedrolipi1389 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:15 am

- Scooter Linhai 125cc for sell because moving to Singapore
- Well maintained, changed oil every 1500 km
- Road legal in Beijing, real plates (cost 2500 rmb), I renewed it few weeks ago for 1000 rmb with my garage friend at the ministry of transportation
- Plate free of infractions (cameras will fine you for high speed, etc ...)
- Documents provided : invoices, plate certification, motorbike blue card for gas
- Large trunk can store helmet and other stuff (no need to carry your helmet everywhere)
- Large tank can do 200 km, powerful brakes, good condition tires
- Give away black helmet Arai 350 rmb, Rain coat and huge lock, bought it 250 rmb
- Steel mate alarm system, 500 rmb, very efficient, will lock / unlock / and vibrate / ring if someone touch the bike. Very high range for the signal. Almost impossible to steal it with lock / alarm on.

Price new : 11 125 rmb
Plate price new : 2500 rmb
Other item pack price new : 1100 rmb
Price with included lock + helmet + alarm = 7500 rmb

P.S : I bought cheaper bike before (5000 rmb), I got many problem with it, keep breaking, hard to start. Spent more than 2000 rmb worth of reparations. This one is working like new, start in 0.2 second with electric injection. The bike is reliable and safe. All legal documents and legal to ride. Scooter is commonly used by riders in Beijing, so easy to find cheap parts and get repaired. My friend has a garage in Houhai, speaks english and repair scooters very well and cheap : I will give you his wechat contact and tell him about you.

Now if you want to buy an electric scooter that is less safe, 30 km range, need to charge it often, carry the 20 kg battery upstairs your flat, battery can be stolen by opening the lid with a screw driver, need to change the battery every 6 month / year, then go for it. Same thing go for cheaper gas scooter that are noisy, illegal, can not take gas with after buying it, and will be deported or worst if arrested by police :)


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