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study Chinese

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:59 pm
by asoeasy
Hi, guys! Do you really want to study Chinese well? But maybe have no enough time, may be can’t find a good way to study. Ok, I want to tell you that, I have some free teaching videos about pronunciation and basic daily conversations, free! Free!free!
Take it easy!!! I am a professional teacher! I really want to help some people who is interested on learning Chinese but doesn't know how to start!Believe me! ok !!
Please visit this : ,it needs you to register,
please be patient !!
Be a member of ASOEASY and enjoy all the privileges and facilities available here. Learning, sharing and caring make a better living for anyone in any place, with this philosophy we built this website and to bring happiness to you. Thank you so much.
Best regards.
Email :, QQ No:2197561146, QQ Group No:413820498