Gibson LesPaul Chinese Made for Sale!!


Gibson LesPaul Chinese Made for Sale!!

Postby hailking » Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:51 am

Gibson Les Paul Custom (chinese made) 99% Original look a like.

I bought this guitar 5 months ago and I'm a careful type of person who loves cheap and good quality stuff.
Before I bought this guitar, I did some research about the chinese Gibson. The difference between the chinese Gibson and the real Gibson, on how it appears and sounds differently.

Finally I found this guitar which to me is very close to the original Gibson. The serial number was carved very well at the back, the knob on the body were well placed, the intonation was great, no buzzing at all. To me it looks 99.9% similar to the real Gibson LesPaul.
The sound is not as good as the real Gibson since the pickups is not the EMG Gibson pickups, but it still a humbucker pickups which make the guitar still can produce this fat warm sounds. so I bought it anyway for 1300RMB with this 15W AMP.

Just plug it to the amp and you're ready to go

It's not a real Gibson which cost a lot of money, but it is certainly a good looking guitar for a beginner guitar player who is looking for cheap and good quality guitar. Been using this guitar for about 5 months. It's still in a good condition, good sound, good tone, but have a minor scratch on the body part.

This guitar currently is using Ernieball Slinky Cobalt coating string
Humbucker pickups which come out with the guitar itself

Reason for selling: Leaving China soon. Time to move on

I'm looking for a buyer who willing to buy this lovely guitar for 1000rmb (negotiable)
If you have any questions. Please do contact me at:

Rock on!


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