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A Rare and Vintage Japan made Takamine F370s Acoustic Guitar for Sale. ( Martin D-28 Copy) Beautiful Brazilian rosewood.

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:09 pm
by summerwind
Hey there,
I'm selling a beautiful and rare acoustic guitar. It was made in Japan 1975. It's a copy of Martin D-28. These guitars are also called lawsuit guitars. It looks very similar as D-28. Sounds really great. You can google it. And this guitar is made of solid spruce top and laminated Brazilian rosewood back and sides.
If you want to buy a Martin D28 and do not have enough budget. And this one is the best alternative with less cost.
I found some demos of takamine F-360, F360s and F-375s. F-360 and F-360s are the normal rosewood version. F-370s sounds better than them.

I'm asking for 5200 rmb OBO. Wehat: captainoflife.