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Slimline Desktop PC for Sale with 23" Widescreen Monitor and 2.1 Speakers

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:26 am
by Megan Xiu
I want to sell my PC and some other things to get some money together for the Spring Festival holidays. I also have a camera for sale, please have a look at my other advert to find it.

This is a great little PC with the following specs:

Asus H81M-Plus Motherboard
Intel G1830 CPU
4GB 1600 RAM
DVD/CD Reader and Writer/Burner
Running Windows 7
SyncMaster P2370H 23 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
The case is 29.5cm tall 10.5cm wide 42cm deep
Wireless mouse and keyboard included
Free speakers included - they have two smaller speakers and then one large bass subwoofer too.

I would like to get 1700 for it but I am open to offers.

I will try to get pictures up soon.