Gym membership at MMA gym. In Sidaokou. Close to dazhongsi station.


Gym membership at MMA gym. In Sidaokou. Close to dazhongsi station.

Postby tdkage » Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:12 pm

I have a gym membership to a MMA gym opened by MMA fighther Zhang Tie Yong. 拳天下, or "China Top Team" MMA gym

I have 11 months left on the card. With this membership you can take all the classes available. There's boxing, muay thai, brazilian jujitsu(with teachers from Brazil), MMA and other classes like rock climbing and spinning.

There also a great arrangement of weight lifting equipment. A few squat racks, benches for pressing, and all kinds of equipment for body weight training: Barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, large tires, heavy ropes. All for fighting conditioning, weighlighting, crossfit, bodyweight or any kind of training program you might have.

With 11 months left on the card, the price is at 3800 to recover some of the money I spent on it since I have to leave the country. The transfer fee is included. You can also stop the card for 2 months of your choice if you have to go back home for a while.

A normal 1 year card would be at least 6000 yuan. You can go ask yourself if you want.

Any questions you might have, hit me up in wechat. Add me up with the number 18611713063 or username Alejandrito.
We can always go take a look before you buy, maybe they even let you a day free to try first!



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