BeijingCat; Hello BIrdy


BeijingCat; Hello BIrdy

Postby dulaneyj65 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:17 am

BeijingCat is a local-based charity that has since 2001 helped place cats in loving homes in the Greater Beijing area.

We would like to introduce Birdy. Birdy is a one-year old girl with longish hair. She has just been spayed and is currently in recovery. She will take vaccinations and be dewormed very soon.

She is an outside cat whose rescuer feeds her everyday. Overtime, she began to trust the loving rescuer and allowed her to approach and pet her. Finally, we took her to be spayed.

She is stil recovering from the operation, but she is a naturally sweet cat who likes people. This loving nature is why we do not want to set her loose again in the world.

When she cries, she sounds like a bird call, hence her name.

She urgently needs adoption or fostering.

If anyone is interested interested, pls help by filling in our online form for adoption at the How to Adopt column at, or contact Scarlett at 13501315988/

Beijing Cat
Beijing Cat
Beijing Cat

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