Dogs looking to be adopted: FREE


Dogs looking to be adopted: FREE

Postby statusq » Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:46 am

Hello, my animal-loving friend recently came across a truck containing dogs that were to be illegally sold to restaurants. She managed to get 9 of them into her car and drove them off. She now has the dogs staying at various hospitals. The dogs need homes, a few need some medical treatment.

2 dogs are a-ok.
1 dog is more or less blind.
1 has a bad leg.
5 are quite sick with canine distemper virus (and NOT fit for human consumption)

If anybody out there want's a bit of good karma by contributing a home or cash donation to help Wenwen and her dogs out, it'd be greatly appreciated. Meeting dogs can be arranged too, of course.

Contact me at williamwang at, or you can contact Wenwen (in Chinese) by weixin: 13911571983


PS (that's Wenwen and one of the dogs in the pic)


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