Selling lovely puppy :'(


Selling lovely puppy :'(

Postby mimimarie2 » Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:23 pm

Hi everyone!

My boyfriend and I are getting more and more busy with work and unfortunately cannot manage to spend enough time to play and raise our dog. It is with a heavy heart that we decided we should let her go and grow up in a better environment.

Her name is Nala, she's 4 months old and is a mixed breed from German Sheperd and Airi. She's really cute, playful and smart. She doesn't bark, doesn't bite or cry and is already trained for basic stuff (no, go, wait, sit, go to bed, ...). Moreover she got all her shots for this upcoming year (2015).

We are selling her for 5000 RMB - PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE - including her health certificate and all the stuff we bought for her that you can see on the picture: brand new collar, leash and huge washable fluffy bed, water and food machine ( with batteries, possibility to set up timer for different meals), biscuits, diapers (useful at night!), shampoo, nail clippers, nail file, glowing bouncing ball, winter cloth and even two pairs of shoes if you don't want to have to clean her feets!

If you're interested please send an inbox or text message at 186 1114 6225.



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