Arowana Fish for sale different species

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Arowana Fish for sale different species

Postby catheriancate » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:02 pm

We are licensed breeders of Arowana fish. We breed and sell Arowna fishes (Alive)

Below are the available types of arowana fishes we have now in stock,sizes ranges from 4 inch to 30 inch. contact us back with your requirements for pricing.

*Asian Red Arowana
*Super Red Arowana
*Red Dragon Arowana
*Chili Red Arowana
*Golden Arowana Arowana
*Red tail golden(RTG) Arowana
*Malaysian Red Arowana
*Jardini arowana Arowana
*Golden x back Arowana
*Green and blue Arowana
*Silver Arowana
*Black Arowana
*Fire Red Arowana

Contact us only on for immidiat reply ,,,,,,, ( ,,,,,,,,,,,

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