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Ferret is searching a lovable new home

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:27 am
by 291218679@
May I introduce "dandan (lucy)" to you.

A 5 years old Ferret.

She is searching a new home.

I would only give her to someone responsible, you need some time daily to play with her
and probably take her out on her leash to have a 100 metres walk with her!

You should have the intention to keep her and give her a forever home.

I won't charge any costs, she got her necessary rabies vaccine last week,
she is using a toilet for cats, got a cage and she will love you after she knows you.

I'm located near "Beixinqiao" Subway Station.

Wechat: woodchuckchuck
Phone: 177 0130 7207 (wechat preffered)

Thanks for reading!