Weclome to buy JAYA,the cheap but best Sanitary Napkins in China


Weclome to buy JAYA,the cheap but best Sanitary Napkins in China

Postby dawnsun0718 » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:41 am

JAYA, Cheap but the best sanitary napkins in China.
There are some important features which is diffrent from other sanitary napkins in China.
1. JAYA sanitary napkin chooses the real cotton as it`s main material. Soft, pro skin, anti allergy, breathable.
2. It is the only one brand to meet the national standards for medical devices ,no bacteria,no fungus.Any other brands can not meet the standard.
3.The most important thing is that there is no fluorescer and brightener in JAYA sanitary napkin. I think most of people knows fluorescer and brightener could not decomposable in our body which could affect our blood or cause cancer if there are too much in our body.
The price is as the following,
Blue Package is including 10bags of sanitary napkin(2 bags of 19cm Size, 6 bags of 24cm,2 bags of 29cm ), Supermaket Price 268yuan, Promotion 198 RMB
Gree Package is including 11 bags of Sanitary Napkin(2 bags of 19cm Size, 3 bags of 24cm, 3bags of 29cm, 3bags of 36cm), Supermarket Price is 261.8 yuan, Promotion 198RMB
Ladies, from now on, you need not buy sanitary napkins abroad. JAYA will bring you a healthy period every month, I am sure you will love it as long as you use it.
Taking care of yourself in usual days is better than you have to see a doctor due to your carelessness.
The products will be delivered to you by express.By the way, please give me your clear address so that the express can be got to you sucessfully.
You can call me at 18710081098 or add my wechat tongtong18710081098 or scan the QR Code showed below which is my wechat shop for more information.thanks!

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