German Balea Beauty Masks for Sale ***6 RMB*** 我是德国人,送德国BALEA面膜.


German Balea Beauty Masks for Sale ***6 RMB*** 我是德国人,送德国BALEA面膜.

Postby Nick23 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:54 pm

Hello there,

I got something very uncommon for sale these days. A female Chinese friend of mine asked me to bring her some facial masks of the German beauty brand Balea to China, unfortunately when I brought these a few months later she was gone, and now I still have 250 of those beauty masks lying around at my home.

I usually give them away as presents to Chinese female friends who all seem to be crazy about these masks. I also recognized that there are many people on taobao selling these. Unfortunately I don't seem to know enough people in Beijing for giving them away or selling them. But maybe you do.

I am selling the masks for 6 RMB each, which also cheaper than the price asked for on taobao. I also still have the invoices for the masks left to show that I bought them not too long ago.

I have the following masks left:

1. Strawberry Milk Protein Mask (relaxing) -- Balea草莓酸奶美白保湿面膜 -- 16 Masks left!
2. Milk and Honey Mask (regenerating) -- Balea草莓酸奶美白保湿面膜 -- 30 Masks left
3. Moisturizing Mask (refreshing) -- Balea芦荟木瓜面膜 -- 30 Masks left
4. Soil from the Dead Sea Mask (cleaning) -- Balea死海矿物泥深层清洁面膜 -- 59 Masks left
5. Deep Cleansing Mask (pores refining) -- Balea矿物白泥净化面膜 -- 50 Masks left
6. Paradise Island Mask (relaxing) -- Balea天堂岛保湿补水舒缓面膜 -- 67 Masks left
7. Peel-Off Mask (deep cleansing) -- Balea琥珀清洁面膜,撕拉式 -- 10 Masks left

Since I am leaving the country soon I would like to sell not less than 20 pieces at once.

If interested please send me a message here on the Beijinger or QQ me: 3221504785

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