seeking person of the same taste live with PKU students in an artistic studio


seeking person of the same taste live with PKU students in an artistic studio

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There is an apartment outside west gate of Peking university,its a coutyard have
nothing to do with agency at all.It is a place around 5 mins’ walk to the
subway(line 4 yuanmingyuan station) and bus station, (also Peking
university. )

From outside it looks like those houses in "Gulou" area of
Bejing, have a feeling of "798" artistic hutong area . Typical local flavor , an "old soul" with authentic traditional chinese hospitality We always rent the house
that we are "familiar with",so I wish we have same life style and taste

It is a cozy and artful two floor building .around 200 square meters totally(namely the "chinese style villa" .It like a cafe,clean and tidy;kitch and
barthrooms are shared (two living rooms and barthrooms.)We are leading a buzy
and quite study life in university enjoy the atmosphere of desolate when back to home ,seldom party inside.(chinese boy and girl from PKU major in economy and chemistry)

ur room r two 9 square meters rooms with air
condition or a single 15 square meters room used by urself,nice decorated, 2500RMB/month,almost everything are included except
electricity .One of the month fee is for
deposit. The contract will prefer six monthes the least.

Our chatting topic are mostly about studying and sometimes acdamic stuff
,Most of us have ID of BBS of pku which make it easy to arrange some
activities happen inside the campus. If you are a thoughtful well educated
person with a focus and quiet life style ,have certain sense of art will be
cool,please contact me.Boys and girls with quiet and clean personality are welcome
, especailly girls We value simple and independent relation with roomates.

It is always a better idea to build a conversation through e mail first and
get to know each other in detail

Pics r true ,and it will be an efficient way to make decision through pics .When u move here,u will see the registration of people use to live here before and now, it wont be any problem according to the experience Also it will be a key for a pleasant staying if u chat with ur future roomate before u move in. I wish the cadidates take their time and knowing the people in detail before move in

Contact landlord:
E-mail : (ask for more pics or chat in detail from there,please introduce urself)

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