A place to live


A place to live

Postby Tom17 » Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:50 am


We are looking for 1 roomate to share our 8 bedroom in two apartment, since they are just next door to each other, and near Wudaokou. The apartment is a great location ,there is a good selection of restaurants in the surrounding area. We are very close to BLCU, and not far from Peking and Tsinghua.
The apartment complex is called Furunjiayuan and is just up the street from east gate of BLCU. The compound is not far from Wudaokou station, and also Liudaokou subway is just located downstairs of our compound.

About us: 1 Belgian, 2 British, 1 Australian, 1 Brazilian 1 Chinese and 1 France, we are all in our early 20s. two of us are working, one is a civil engeneer and another is a chemistry teacher. We are layed back and like to go out on the weekends. We work hard and have fun, but are respectful about not being loud late at night.

The apartments has a big living room with a balconey area, 4 bedroom in each apartment, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, TV, Air co in each bedroom and in living room.

If you think you would be a good fit for the apartment or youi have any more question then you can send me a message.

Wechat: tomou17
Chinese number: (+86) 18710053530
Email; tomphilippe1@gmail.com


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