A room near UIBE (Shaoyaoju st.) for RMB 2000/mo. No agency fee.


A room near UIBE (Shaoyaoju st.) for RMB 2000/mo. No agency fee.

Postby alex.soldatkin » Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:38 am

My previous roommate has moved back to his home country without warning and left me to deal with the rent, so I urgently need a flatmate to take up his room. The flat has two rooms in total, plus a balcony, kitchen and bathroom. It is in a walking distance (15 minutes) from UIBE and 7 minutes from Shayaoju 芍药居 metro station (intercept of Line 10 and Line 13), located in the Shaoyaoju Beili community (芍药居北里).

In the room for rent (25 sq. metres) there are:
-- a double bed
-- a sofa
-- a work area, complete with table, lamp, chair, bin and a stand for papers and books
-- a TV
-- two wardrobes
-- another table which the landlord left, I guess there may be some use for it :)

Facilities available include:
-- a fridge
-- a rice cooker
-- a kettle
-- a gas cooker
-- some plates, cups and cutlery
-- a vacuum cleaner
-- WiFi internet access from China Unicom at 20 mb/s for RMB 75/mo. (RMB 875/yr.)
-- I can provide you with a cheap VPN slot to watch those cat videos on YouTube for RMB 20/mo. (RMB 240/yr.)

The rent is RMB 2000, paid in quarterly instalments (for each 3 months a month before the next period starts). A deposit of RMB 2000 is required. No agency fee!

Non-smokers and non-partygoers preferred.

Contact Alex at
Mobile: 130-5116-5982;
WeChat: same number.


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