one roommate is wanted at a lovely apartment, 4000rmb montly, around chaoyang park


one roommate is wanted at a lovely apartment, 4000rmb montly, around chaoyang park

Postby officejob » Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:44 am

Hey there

I am looking for a roommate at my comfortable spacious apartment around chaoyang park. This is a 2 bedroom apartment, nice modern setup, well-equipped kitchen, great view out of the window. it has everything you need! and it is super warm in winter i wear dress in winter indoor! i have lived it here almost two years, still loving it as much as the first time i saw it. Honestly, it took me two months to find this place and when i saw it, it was a "wow, this is it!". ( i am a shitty photographer, this place looks way better than pics too.) The apartment is close to everything, Chinese supermarket jing ke long, chaoyang park and several western groceries shops. and yah, there is a hospital nearby but lets hope nobody needs to visit it anytime soon. and of course, many many buses pass by and the chaoyang park subway stop is 2 mins away and will be open in may.

I am Chinese, female, 29, working for a foreign governmental mission. my day usually starts around 8amish, i work from 9am to 5pm, just like many of us. a typical routine of mine would be work, and then work out and home on weekdays. over the weekend, i might go out once or twice just to get a taste of being different than weekdays. i like to hike, run and cook, sometimes you might open the door and smell this irresistible flavor in air, it would be me cooking, come and have a taste.

I m looking for someone respectful, kind, clean and tidy(not the crazy tidy type but prefer someone cleans her dishes in the sink after she uses the kitchen). a female roommate is ideal, so i dont have to worry about if i m wearing anything too revealing at my own home. short term can be considered too.

If interested, add me on wechat: dreamerdreamer5201 and say you are looking for a room. A brief introduction about yourself will be highly appreciated.

See ya!

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