Shipping and Removals in Beijing

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Shipping and Removals in Beijing

Postby inbeijing » Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:48 pm

It is recommended that expats hire a shipping agency that offers door-to-door service. Depending on where the cargo is originally from, the transportation should take between four and eight weeks.

For smaller and lighter items the fastest means of shipping to Beijing is with air transport, although there are size and weight limitations which can incur large costs. Often it is cheaper to buy new furnishings in Beijing rather than pay for long distance shipping.

It is a good idea to buy insurance on shipped goods, which can be damaged in transport.

Shipping a pet to Beijing

Dog and cat expets in Beijing do not need to have microchips, but they do need to have International Health Certificates signed by a government accredited veterinarian in your home country. Required vaccinations vary according to the pet type, but a rabies vaccination is required for all furry friends.

In Beijing, households can only have one dog, no bigger than 35-cm; though, in some cases exceptions can be made based on location. No restrictions exist for cats, for the moment.

If you live within the fourth ring road, you must also obtain a permit for your dog from your neighbourhood committee, and register your dog at the local police station. Both processes require expats to present their passport, proof of residence, and a copy of the dog's quarantine certificate. Passport photos of the dog will also be necessary for registration.

Birds are not allowed to be imported to Beijing.

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