Great Wall Hiking


Great Wall Hiking

Postby hikingbeijing » Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:38 am

Customized Great Wall Trips .(Daily)
Great Wall Hiking Tours -one day activity.
The sections of the Wall you can choose from and you can add the new places in the list below, where we can manage to visit .
1 Simata Great Wall 2 Gubeiko Great Wall 3 Mutainyu Great Wall 4 JianKou Great Wall 5 Huanhuacheng Great Wall 5Badaling Great Wall 6 Longqing Gorge
Morning Hotel pick up ( 7:30-9:30)
It normally takes 2 hours driving to the Wall.
It takes 3 -4hours Hiking and 1 hours lunch.
It takes 2 hours driving back.
6 -7pm back at the hotel
Vehicle you ride on , Buick 7 seats vans and BMW X5 cars
Group size 2 3-4 5-7
Cost per person 450 380 330

Price include the entrance Fee to the Wall, the English speaking guide and a lunch . Drinks and Bear during the ride.
What we don’t do is going shopping . We follow your advises.
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Re: Great Wall Hiking

Postby Bienk » Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:02 am

This is something that most of the travelers would love to get in and also for rest of these points i am sure a great existence is there which is the way how all has to go ahead. Its a good highlight i am sure.
As a traveler its a lot of fun getting into things like which is the best part for me.

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