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Tennis at Forbidden City

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:54 pm
by lhcure
Hi there,

My friend and I recently found and tried a tennis court at the east gate of Laodong Renmin Wenhuagong/劳动人民文化宫 (east part of Forbidden City). It's an interesting venue and we want to find more tennis buddies to play together and keep this sport as a weekend routine.

Cost: CNY100/hour (we can share depending on amount of players)
Time: Sunday morning 9-11 am (depend on the occupancy of the court)
Address: Inside east gate of Laodong Renmin Wenhuagong/劳动人民文化宫. Tennis player has free access to the park, but need to pass the security check.

We are two 30+ Beijing ladies at beginner level. If you are better at the game, we are happy to learn and practice together. If you would like to come and join, please contact me via email: Thx.