make a VIDEO for you as the souvenir of the life in Beijing

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make a VIDEO for you as the souvenir of the life in Beijing

Postby Fave_Yu » Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:06 pm

Hi, I'm Fave, a Chinese girl and I can make a video for your life in Beijing as a souvenir for memory, and if you will, the video will record your daily life, like surrounding in the view spot, shopping in the local mall, take the satin-can-style subway, etc. By all means, what I record is based on your agreement. And it's totally none of money's business, because this video is my class assignment=) And I can exchange language, be your personal guide in Beijing as my reward if you wish.
if you're interested in this video , please move on to the followings.

I study in the Communication University of China(located in Chaoyang District, our school's do a good job in media education), and I've got an video assignment from our prof.,my topic is how foreigners who living in Beijing get accustomed to the local life, that's why I need to find one or two person to record. That's to say, I'll appreciate that if you can let me record some fragments of your life, as a return, I'll make this video attentively and send you as a gift for your life-recording in Beijing. And trust me, it's a nice souvenir(15 min at least, edited).

Hope you can speak English, and this video will be made one or two times per week if you will, and the recording process will last for one month(May). If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me, my phone is +86-18001328665(please txt me in weekdays, I'll call back when I finish my class), my email is, we can have a coffee face to face. By the way, I'm not a boring student, I traveled many places in China with my vacations, and have some knowledge about Chinese history and customs, I'll be glad if you want to talk more.


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