Experience life at the Shaolin Temple in September

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Experience life at the Shaolin Temple in September

Postby Cultural Keys » Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:27 am

Have you ever wanted to experience life at the Shaolin Temple in China?

With CK Martial Hearts, now you can.

Our 10-Day and 5-Day Shaolin Temple Experience Programs offer an exclusive opportunity to experience life & kungfu culture inside the Shaolin Temple with genuine Shaolin warrior monks. It’s the perfect program to enable you to get a taste of Chinese life and traditional kungfu at one of the most iconic locations in China.

The program offers a huge variety of study and experience opportunities, including:

- daily taichi and qigong classes,
- daily kungfu training sessions with a Shaolin master inside the temple
- daily application training
- daily Chinese language classes
- an optional sightseeing excursion

Travel between Beijing and Shaolin, all meals, all training and all accommodation are also included in the price of the program, together with a free outfit, commonly worn by students who study kungfu at the Shaolin Temple. A complete list on what is included in the price can be seen on our website:


The course runs September 7th to September 17th, and is limited to 8 people per program. Both 5-day and 10-day options are available.

Put together by the CK Martial Hearts team, in association with Shaolin Temple International Liaisons Office, the total cost of these programs start at 3500RMB, including:

- all transportation from Beijing to Shaolin Temple and back to Beijing (by express train and minibus)
- three set meals a day for the duration of the tour (Chinese food) beginning with lunch when you arrive at the hostel
- two 2-hour sessions (4 hours total) per day of instruction in empty-hand forms (traditional Shaolin Tongbei Quan) from a warrior monk inside Shaolin Temple
- a Chinese-speaking expat guide with martial arts experience who will provide additional training (such as warm ups before your training sessions in the temple, taichi classes and application training)
- optional 1-hour daily Chinese language class
- optional sightseeing tour of the Shaolin Scenic Area on your day off
- a complimentary training outfit consisting of a white, sleeveless Shaolin t-shirt and loose grey trousers. Most of the students in Wangzhigou, Chinese and foreign, adopt this outfit for training.

Several payment options available.

We are also offering group discounts. So if two or more people sign up and pay together, we offer a 10% discount to each person.

CK Martial Hearts is the only company that offers this unique experience at the Shaolin Temple in China. As you’ll find out if you book with other less reputable firms, they will take you to the area surrounding Shaolin Temple, to train at ‘associated’ schools, but not in the temple itself.

For more information, please visit our website, or email us at study@shaolintemple.co

We look forward to training with you!

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