Looking for an Accompany to Tibet during National Holiday


Looking for an Accompany to Tibet during National Holiday

Postby Xijue0606 » Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:01 am

I plan a 14 days tour to Tibet during National Holiday, and this is my first time to Tibet, so I wish to find an accompany to go together. My friends either do not like the environment there or do not have enough annual leave holidays, so I think about find an accompany via website.
I am female, 33 years old, single and educated, and I can take care of the expenses by myself. Objectively speaking, I think I am an easy-going, kind and understanding person and will try my best to not to be a trouble during the trip :-) If you were westerner, I could speak English and help you during the tour. I might need your help on the sense of direction which I lack a lot...Apart from this, I also expect you to be a well-educated person, because anyway, Tibet is so charming and we should not argue/quarrel in such a magnificent place :-)
If you are interested, please send email to xijuezheng@sina.com, and we can also meet before the tour to check whether we could have trip together.


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