Moving to Beijing

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Moving to Beijing

Postby supasyd93 » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:38 am

Hello everyone, I am moving to Beijing in 5 weeks and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on some of the stuff I might need to get before I leave. So far I'm thinking winter clothes and toiletries.

Also, my new job pays monthly so I am a little concerned about surviving the first month as I have read about most accommodation requiring 3 months rent in advance. The company I am working for provides 6000 rmb as a sort of helping out payment plus 10 days in a hotel upon my arrival. I am currently saving money before I go by working in a shop but was wondering how much I would need.

Finally, I know Google maps is blocked and I also am thinking I will definitely get lost without some kind of GPS. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks Smile


Re: Moving to Beijing

Postby taibende » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:39 am

Welcome to Beijing!

You will both love and hate it here.

Beijing winters are generally cold, dry and the air can be quite polluted. If you are asthmatic and it's a bad air day, then you should probably wear a facemask when outside, and, if possible, get an air purifier for your room indoors.

Some things you might want to buy are:

A warm pair of gloves (手套 shǒu​ tào): a cheap and decent pair shouldn't cost more than 50 RMB.
A down-feather jacket (羽绒服 yǔ​ róng ​fú): a good-quality one with a hood (the hood is important if it's windy) can be found in clothes markets from around 350-400 RMB.
Hand and face moisturizer (润肤霜 rùn ​fū ​shuāng): you can find these in any decent supermarket, including foreign brands, for around 50 RMB or less.
A humidifier (加湿器 jiā ​shī ​qì) and air purifier (空气净化器 kōng​ qì​ jìng ​huà ​qì): I have a combined Sharp KC-BB30-W humidifier and purifier which cost around 2000 RMB. Obviously, this isn't cheap, but I really like it and have used it for two years without any problems. If this is outside your budget for now, then you can wait until you've saved some money or buy something cheaper. You can ask friends and colleagues for advice.
Facemasks (口罩 kǒu ​zhào): 3M is the best-known brand, and these will cost anything from 10-30 RMB each for the disposable masks (which can be used for about 1-3 weeks, depending on how bad the air is).
And of course, get some decent (thick) clothes, socks, shoes, etc.

A common way of paying rent in Beijing is 押一付三 (yā​ yī​ fù ​sān), literally "deposit one (month), pay three (months)". This actually requires you to pay four months of rent upfront, and to pay three months' rent every three months.​ If this is difficult for you, then you can try to find places that are 押一付一 (i.e. pay two months' rent upfront and monthly after that). You can also try to negotiate with the landlord, explain your situation and see what he or she says. If you are polite, you never know what the response might be. A single room in a shared house starts from around 2500 RMB/month in any semi-decent area of Beijing, so you should probably aim to have around 10k RMB (or a little more, to be safe) for 押一付三.

There are no decent English-language mapping apps for China that aren't blocked (at least some of the time), but your life will be much easier if you can learn to use the Chinese-language apps instead. Even if you can't read much Chinese now, it's not hard to recognize characters in place names and the pinyin for them, since you'll see them on roadsigns all the time. Most foreigners I know, even those who don't speak much Chinese, have learned how to use the Baidu Maps app (or equivalents like Sogou, Gaode, etc), and are quite good at finding places, bus routes, and so on.

Good luck!


Re: Moving to Beijing

Postby lucilleh » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:40 am

I would be concerned about the amount of money you can bring and where you will live. 3000quai per month for a room,maybe alittle less if you search for in a cheaper area. You will need 3 months rent plus one month for desposit then one month as an agents fee. this is 15000. you maybe able to avoid the agents fee though by taking over someone else room or finding a landlord directly. But far warning, 6,000 will not be enough..

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