Shunyi to build fresh air ventilation corridor

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Shunyi to build fresh air ventilation corridor

Postby Beijing News » Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:51 am

At Shunyi district’s fifth Party Congress held Thursday, the district government announced that an air ventilation corridor will be built along the Chaobai River within the next four years.
“Chaobai River runs through the Shunyi district from north to south. Northerly winds prevail in the district, especially in heavy pollution winter time, and strong winds dominated. Thus, building a corridor along the river would effectively dispel the haze days,” said the officials.

According to the scheme, Beijing will establish a corridor system, including five 500 metre wide and several 80 metre wide air ventilation corridors in the following years. The winds blow into the urban areas through the wider corridor and high density area or city center through the smaller one.
The Chaobai River air ventilation corridor, mainly supported by the green belts between the Beijing-Miyun expressway and the east fifth ring, will supply fresh air to the east area of the central city. .

In addition, the enable a continuous fresh air supply, Shunyi district government will adopt multiple measures, including partitioning nine towns, six communities, Zhongguancun Shunyi Park and the Airport Economy Zone into a burning-forbidden area, and implementing a clean energy reform along the Chaobai River.

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